Letter from founder

Why I started Raising Babies.

For some time I have been searching for what contribution I could make to help make the world a better place. I finally found it one day when I was reading an article in the Denver Post entitled, “It can be done”, referring to the Venezuelan Project that was started by Dr. Alberto Machado. Dr. Machado was commissioned by the Venezuelan government as Minister of Intelligence, not spying, to enhance the intelligence and wellbeing of his country. During the four years of the Intelligence Project, enormous change took place as children entered school with greater abilities, school children’s achievement improved, and workers benefited from on-going training in intelligence as part of their jobs. Wow, he actually ameliorated an entire culture! Unfortunately for Dr. Machado and his country, his project was discontinued when the next administration came in to power.

Dr. Machado, according to reports didn’t have a lot of funds, but did have the influence of media and the educational system. It’s not just money that makes it happen, but recruiting some dedicated and compassionate people who realize the dream of creating a culture of awareness for new parents and the great influence they can have both individually and collectively with their children. This can create a more highly functioning environment and culture. The best thing that you can give to all the people is not economic help or advice. No, not at all. What the world needs, is knowledge about how to develop their genetic capacity.

The goal of creating a better world is overwhelming, but each of us can do our part regardless of how small it is. Raising Babies is about laying a strong foundation for our babies by giving them a better chance of becoming more capable and highly functioning adults, intellectually, emotionally and physically. This is all based on leading edge research in neonatal education in the United States. As we all know, a house built on a weak foundation will fall much sooner than a house built on a strong foundation. One can build the best house ever and watch it quickly crumble if the foundation is weak. The metaphor definitely applies to the development of human beings.

The development and functioning of the brain during early childhood depends on the quality and quantity of interaction existing between the child and his environment. As it has already been proved with scientific research, sensory-motor experiences are basic for the development of cognitive capacities.

We have to go to the very beginning of life; we have to go to the moment of birth and even before. A person can start his or her education even before birth. It can be done, and it has been done. There is a lot of scientific experience about this. A child can develop its intelligence and its capacity in a very dramatic way yet it’s the easiest  way that we can imagine, just with love, love, love. We just say to the mother and to the father, you have to hug your child as frequently as you can. You have to touch him as much as you can, from the very moment of birth, and you have to do it systematically. It’s not random. You have to take each finger and touch it three times a day on the body, and that child is going to be more intelligent all his life because he received that stimulation, because from the skin to the brain there will be an electrical impulse which provokes a connection between the neurons.

Intelligence is an instrument in the service of love. And love means happiness. That is why St. Augustine said, “Love and do whatever you like.”

I must admit that I personally measure success in terms of the contributions an individual makes to her or his fellow human beings. – Margaret Mead

As Dr. Machado states, “If it can be done, it must be done.” We can all do our part.

You all can help with your willingness and enthusiasm to share your resources, both personal and financial. The more assistance we receive, the quicker we can achieve our goal of creating a stronger, better and more healthy society. Join me, won’t you?

Max Miller

Founder – Raising Babies